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Hornet AntiVirus PRO

19.5 usd

By purchasing this app you get a lifetime license for one of the leading anti-malware products! In business since 1991, we really know how to protect your data, your privacy and your device. Our Anti-Virus Engine "THE IN-ACTIVATOR" provides solid malware detection. This app provides comprehensive protection from spyware, malicious apps, and other dangers. The easy-to-use protection is now supplemented by additional functions:
Easy to use all-round protection:
- Use of heuristic methods to detect new malware variants.- Detection of code obfuscation.- Detection of apps using offensive advertising (e.g. AirPush, LeadBolt, Moolah Media).- The combination of different real-time modules also protects you while you surf the Internet.- This app makes online banking much more secure.- Includes protection against potentially malicious USSD codes (USSD Filter / USSD Blocker).- Actualization of malware-definitions and of the program at regular intervals using the update functionality of "Google Play". (Please activate "Allow automatic updating" for Hornet AntiVirus.)- Easy-to-use interface and menu structure.- Notification Icon (optional) - You can switch on / off the status icon in the settings menu.- Configure the additional settings to meet your preferences.- A small user manual explains the operation.- Explicit alert sound if malware is found.
Additional functions for professionals and experienced users:
- Static analysis of installed APKs. - Calculation of different checksums: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256.- Detailed specification of the required permissions.- Enumeration of all activities, services and receivers.- Detection of "reflection", crypto-routines and other suspicious components.- Detection of hardcoded URLs and IPs.- Using log files to document all suspicious events.- The integrated "File Manager" provides information about the contents of the SD card, allows you to install applications and provides many more features.- Copy, rename, install, secure erase and view the different files.
Notes about your purchase:
- With the purchase you will receive a lifetime license and all future updates automatically - as long as this app will be advanced. There are no follow-up costs or fees!- You will receive personal support from anti-malware specialists via our e-mail account ( As a user of the "PRO-Version" all your concerns will be treated preferentially.